Expedition to Pullman Island (Chapter 2)



Chapter Two


The next morning, Cherry’s alarm woke her bright and early. She yawned, gears creaking as she stretched in bed. “I better hurry,” Cherry thought, “my appointment is in half an hour.” Fortunately, she was a master of getting ready in a hurry. It  took her only sixteen minutes to get dressed and eat breakfast. She checked the time. It was 7:46. She had  fourteen minutes to get to Cyspa.


As she stepped into the Interport, Cherry searched directions to Cyspa on her digi-watch. Cyspa  was located at 7899 Deerborne street. “go to 7899 Deerborne street,” Cherry told the Interport. “activating Interport,” a cool, clean voice replied. Cherry heard a familiar whirring noise as she entered Naltran mode and sped to Cyspa.


By the time Cherry reached Cyspa, it was 7:58. “Great,” Cherry thought, “I’m just in time.” As she entered Cyspa, Cherry heard the ringing of a  little bell overhead. “Hello dearie,” the woman at the desk called, “you must be Cherry.” Cherry replied curtly, “I’m here for  my appointment,” “great,” the woman said, getting up from the desk, ” follow me.”


Cherry reluctantly followed the old woman up a flight of stairs, and then into a darkened room. “Wait here, dearie,” the old woman ordered, “Jessica will be seeing you in a moment,” with that, she left Cherry alone in the room. Cherry decided to take the time to observe her surroundings. The room was quite small, and contained a chair, a sink, and a basket full of magazines. Bored, Cherry sat down on the chair and started flipping through the magazines.


A few minutes later, an attractive young woman entered the room. “Hello, and welcome to Cyspa,” the woman stated in a friendly voice.”I’m Jessica, your personal attendant for this visit to Cyspa.” Jessica’s voice greatly disturbed Cherry. To her, it sounded strangely familiar.


However, Cherry told none of this to Jessica. Instead, she quietly followed her back into the hallway, and into a warm and muggy room. Cherry blinked in surprise. Steam filled the air, and she could see speakers blasting loud pop music. “Where are we?” Cherry asked as soon as she could find the words. “Welcome,” Jessica said in a grand voice, “to the treatment room.”


“The treatment room,” Cherry echoed, still in awe. “Yes, this is where we help our patients learn what the want,” Jessica explained. “But I already know want,” Cherry said, “I want camouflage spray and human-like coverups,” “oh, is that  what you want?” Jessica asked innocently, ” just so you know, human-like coverups cost an additional $45, as well as the $52 you already paid”


“Wow!” Cherry thought, “five more dollars and I’m bankrupt!” But to Jessica she only said, “does the camouflage spray cost anything extra?” “I actually don’t know,” Jessica replied, “wait right here while I go check on that,” and with that, Jessica swept out of the room, leaving Cherry alone with her thoughts. Cherry  looked around, and saw something she hadn’t seen before. On the side of the room there was a  window that looked into the neighboring room. Intrigued, Cherry looked into it. To her surprise, she saw Jessica talking into a phone. “I wonder what she’s saying?” Cherry wondered. With the window closed, she couldn’t hear a thing. So she opened the window a smidge, and sound filled the room.


“now, how is that tennis game going?”  the voice on the  phone asked,  “I  bet you’re going to kick their butts!” “mom!” Cherry heard Jessica  say. “that must be her mom,” Cherry thought. “do you need me to swing by and get you anything? Maybe some water, or a snack?” “Linda, for the last time, I’m fine!” Jessica shouted. “Linda!?” Cherry thought with a jolt. “if that’s the Linda I know, and Jessica is talking to her like she’s her mom,” Cherry gasped as she came to the conclusion. “that must mean, Jessica is really Maylee!”



While Cherry was thinking about her discovery, she saw that Maylee had hung up on Linda and was calling to someone . “Justin,” she called, “how is the subject acting?” Just then, a figure appeared in the doorway of the other room. “the subject is sitting on one of the stools,” Justin replied. “what?” Cherry thought, “I’m not sitting on any dumb stool,” then a thought struck her. She must have touched the button on her holo-watch that activated the taholo figure.


“Well, I’m ready to see her,” Maylee said in a harsh voice. “we must convince her to join our cause,”  “what cause?” Cherry thought






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