Lost On Ice (Chapters 1 & 2)

Lost On Ice

Chapters 1 and 2

By: Anonymous


Chapter 1


It was cold outside, the year was 2021 I was 14. We had traveled to my grandmas house in Norway for Christmas. The hot cocoa supply was out, because when we were sleeping our dog, Chocolate, ate the last hot cocoa packet. Now me, my younger sister, Susan, and Chocolate were huddled underneath a pile of blankets watching a movie. Even though it was only 7:00 it was dark and stormy outside. Suddenly, I threw the blankets off the three of us “Susan!” I said “Susan come help me we are going to make hot chocolate from scratch!” I opened the cabinet and got out the chocolate block and chopped it up into little bits, then I had Susan get the milk from the refrigerator, next I got a saucepan and turned on the stove mixing the chopped up chocolate and the milk together and warmed it up. Then I let it sit for a while to cool down. When it was ready I tasted it. “Delicious” I said. I made another cup for Susan. Then I had an idea ” Susan lets go get the extra pillows and blankets from the closet” We ran to the closet and loaded our arms with as many blankets and pillows as we could carry, by the time we got back to the TV the storm was even worse. I started the movie again and huddled in the blankets drinking my hot cocoa.


That night I hardly slept well maybe a few hours but still! After the movie was over we bundled up in all of our coats, piled a ton of blankets on top of Chocolate and went out the door to see the storm, but in that one step out the door our lives changed forever.


Chapter 2


Our grandma’s house was on a sheet of ice, approximately 10 miles long and 5 miles wide. The whole village was on this small piece of ice. Our house was on the edge of the village. There was approximately 2 miles long, and 3 miles wide, extra ice located right by the house. One of the first things kids are taught is to never go on the ice, because everyone in the village knew that the ice wasn’t stable. However a dozen meters away from the door the ice snapped right where we were standing, I jumped back onto the ice that had my grandmas house on it but Susan wasn’t fast enough so I did the scariest thing I had ever done in my life and attempted to jump across. I failed. I got one foot on the ice at the other side but my back foot slipped into the below-freezing water. I eventually managed to pull myself up. Chocolate was with Susan. “It’s f-f-freeezing I finally said. A couple of minutes later I realized that this piece of ice didn’t move slowly it moved fast, and by fast I mean fast! As in 3 miles an hour. We later discovered that we were not the only ones on the ice, there were a few special climated trees that if you cut it down 10 days later it grew back up. The trees also had three way cook berries, that you could smash up if you made a bowl from the wood of the special climated trees. Or you could make a hand pie using dough that I made from flour that I risked my life getting. Or you could make it into a nutrition freeze juice that you have to make the day before planning to drink it which I learned after trying it like 5 times. Susan and I decided to go exploring we brought Chocolate to. We found cushions that someone had apparently left there while gathering some wood and had slept there. We did the same.



The next day we decided to explore more and found some livestock that was very weird because they had nametags on. Susan and I also found some chicken in the livestock we used their eggs along with the flour that we had discovered earlier to make a kind of doughy substance which I then cooked in a heated wooden oven that I had made from the trees earlier that morning, which then made bread, or rather something that looked like, and tasted like bread. For lunch we had jam and bread with melted ice that we had cut from the ice block and warmed in the oven to make it melt in a bowl that I fashioned out of the trees. After lunch we saw land I hurriedly made a paddle from the trees and frantically as I could. However there seemed to be a kind of force field around the piece of land because we hardly moved at all. Suddenly I saw a swirling vortex appear out of nowhere then a shadow appeared then a figure, a human figure.