By Anonymous



Purple buds peek out of the soil

Trees bloom with new leaves

Birds chirp high above

The river rushes with new meaning

The old yellow house is again surrounded by a beautiful garden

The laughter of kids lingers in the air

From springs long ago

I watch as the cool breeze ruffles hair

And everyone’s thoughts change to happy ones


The warm breeze wafts through open windows

Grass is dry and the pool is daily visited

Salty air tickles noses and joyful laughter rings in the hot air

Cool water laps at tiny toes

And boats sail in the light ocean wind

Long days end with smores roasting over an open fire

Children succumb to dreamland with traces of laughter on their face

Parents talk deep into the night, fantasizing about vacations long ago

The sun rises and everyone is ready for another day of



The chill breeze is filled with swirling clouds of red, orange, and gold

Bright trees sway in the wind, waiting to be stripped of their leaves

Scarves and gloves are brought out, ready to be worn into the cold air

Long days fade into short ones as winter approaches

Parents buzz with the excitement of school

While kids try to drag out the last days of summer

The forest is filled with animals, big and small,

Foraging for the long winter months ahead

Everyone is ready for winter


Bare trees, finally stripped of leaves, shiver in the freezing air

Everyone seems to be a bundle of coats, scarves, hats, and gloves

The wind is filled with clouds of steaming breath, fading away slowly

One night, you go to sleep, and in the morning,

The whole world is blanketed in a thick coat of white

There is no sound as flakes swirl down from the sky

No school, but also no friends to socialize with

Staring out the window,

Everyone seems hypnotized by the snow, gleaming white

In the faint light of the cold morning sun

🙂 Hope you liked it! (: